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KTC Impact Screwdriver Set, Soft Grip Screwdriver Set (8pcs), Soft Grip Screwdriver Gift Set (2pcs)

Code : SD6, SD30-B, SD30-8H, SDP-1. SDP-2, SDP-3, SDM-1.0, SDM-1.6, SDM-1.8, NO.TD2798, D7P2-1, D7P2-2, D7P2-3, D7M2-5, D7M2-6, D7M2-8, D9P-225, D9M-625, NO.TD798, D7P-1, D7P-2, D7P-3, D7M-5, D7M-6, D7M-8, D9P-225, D9M-625, NO.TD702, D7P-2, D7M-6

KTC Ratchet Pipe Cutter

Code : PCR3-35, PCRK-FS

KTC 9.5sq. Hexagon Socket

Code : B3-055, B3-06, B3-07, B3-08, B3-09, B3-10, B3-11, B3-12, B3-13, B3-14, B3-15, B3-16, B3-17, B3-18, B3-19, B3-20, B3-21, B3-22, B3-23, B3-24

KTC Torque Wrench

Code : CMPB0253, CMPB0503, CMPB1003, BRC3-K, BR3E-K

KTC Digital Ratchet Driver

Code : GLK060, GLK250, GLK500, GLK-B2, GLK-RA2


Code : GEK030-R2, GEK030-C3, GEK060-R3, GEK085-R3, GEK085-R4, GEK135-R4, GEK200-R4

KTC Rear Hub Puller for Large Vehicles

Code : AS353, AS353-2, AS353-3, AS354, AS354-2, AS354-3, AS354-4, AS354-5, AE502

KTC Tilting Spray Hanger

Code : TSR1380, TSR1380-OP1, TS1500

KTC Spraying paint

Code : AP502, AP502PA

KTC Removal, Installation and Adjustment of Doors

Code : ATP32, DMZ2, DMZ-12, DMZ-14, DMR-12

KTC Clip Clamp Pliers

Code : AP202A, AP202B, AP204

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