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Mitsubishi Office pencil 9800

Code : 9800 2H, 9800 H, 9800 F, 9800 HB, 9800 B, 9800 2B

Canon Clock & Timer

Code : CT-20, CT-30, CT-40, CT-40-WH, CT-40-GR

Asahi Diamond & CBN

Code : GB01B035, GB01B040, GB01B045, GB01B050, GB01B060, GB01B070, GB01B080, GB01B090, GB01B100, GB 01B003, GB 01B004, GB 01B005, GB 01B006, GB 01B007, GB 01B008, GB 01B009, GB 01B010, GB 01B012, GB 01B015, GB 01B020, GB 01B025, GB 0

Vermont Gage Standard Class ZZ sets (Steel & Black Guard)

Code : Economy General Purpose Pin Gages

Kyoritsu Chemical-Check PACKTEST

Code : WAK-Ag, WAK-Al, WAK-Au, WAK-B(C), WAK-B, WAK-Ca, WAK-Cblt, WAK-Cl(300), WAK-Cl(200, WAK-Cl(D), WAK-ClO(C), WAK, ClO·DP, WAK-T·ClO, WAK-ClO2, WAK-NaClO2, WAK-NaClO2(D), WAK-CN-2, WAK-COD(H), WAK-COD, WAK-COD(D), WAK-Cr6+, WAK-Cr·T, WAK-CS, WAK-Cu, WAK-C

Kasuga Dual-Sinker Liquid Level Relay

Code : TBL12, TBL12B, TBL13FC, TBL13FCB

Yokogawa Tension Meter

Code : T-102-01, T-102-02, T-102-01-00, T-102-02-00, T-101-00014 , T-101-00071, C588-00021, T-101-60037, T-101-60060, T-101-60061

Yokogawa Tension Meter

Code : T-101-02, T-101-05, T-101-10, T-101-20, T-101-30, T-101-50, T-101-02-00, T-101-05-00, T-101-10-00, T-101-20-00, T-101-30-00, T-101-50-00, T-101-00014 , T-101-00071, C588-00021, T-101-60037, T-101-60060, T-101-60061, T-102-01, T-102-02

Hole Gage

Code : 040M, 130M, 230M, 330M, 430M, 530M, 630M, 730M, 830M, 930M, 1030M


Code : ETW-0.6, ETH-0.6, ES-0.6, ST-0, ST-1, ST-2, ST-2N, ST-3, ST-4, ST-5, RT-0, RT-1, RT-2, RT-2N, RT-3, RT-4, RT-5, ETSK-00

Handy Tesla Meter MG-801

Code : MG-801

Sharp Edge Tester

Code : SET-50

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