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Minimo Polishing Compounds

Code : HD1001, HD1002, HD1003, HD1004, HD1005, HD1006, HD1007,

Minomo Work Marker

Code : EW-01

Minimo Clamp Head, Standard Clamp Head, Heavy Duty Clamp Head, Gear Joint, Clamp Joint, Clamp Mount, Collet Chucks

Code : MX52, KP-050, KP-051, KP-007, KP-005, KP-052, KP-031, KP-036, KP-032, KP-033, MX53, KP-.61, KP-062, KP-063, KP-066, KP-067, KP-060, KP-064, FX91, KP-121, KP-122, KP-123, KP-124, KP-125, KP-126, KP-127, MG03, ET51, DM02

Minimo Heavy Duty Rotary

Code : M212HD, M212D, KP-062, KP-060, H031

Minimo Felt Points (Polishing Tools)

Code : GA1001, GA1002, GA1003, GA1004, GA1005, GA1011, GA1012, GA1013, GA1014, GA1015, GA1104, GA1105, GA1031, GA1032, GA1033, GA1034, GA1035, GA1041, GA1042, GA1043, GA1044, GA1045, GA1151, GA1152, GA1153, GA1101, GA1102, GA1103, GA1211, GA1212, GA2101, GA2102,

Minimo Abrasive Rubber Points for Grinding

Code : DB2011, DB2012, DB2013, DB2014, DB2015, DB2021, DB2022, DB2023, DB2024, DB2025, DB2026, DB2031, DB2032, DB2033, DB2034, DB2035, DB2036, DB2041, DB2042, DB2043, DB2044, DB2045, DB2046, DB2051, DB2052, DB2053, DB2054, DB2055, DB2056, DB2061, DB2062, DB2063,

Minimo DB Abrasive Rubber Point for Polishing

Code : DB1101, DB1102, DB1103, DB1104, DB1161, DB1162, DB1171, DB1181, DB1182, DB1183, DB1184, DB1191, DB1192, DB1211, DB1213, DB1221, AB1222, DB1223, DB1224, DB1225, DB1241, DB1242, DB1243, DB1251, DB1522, DB1253, DB1331, DB1332, DB1333, DB1334, DB1335, DB1341,

Minitor Diamond File

Code : RD5481, RD5482, RD5493, RD5494, RD5492, RD5495, RD5504, RD5701, RD5501, RD5502, RD5702, RD5503, RD5703, RD5704, RD5504, RD5705, RD5706, RD5508, RD5709, RD5509, RD5709

Minimo Precision Electric Hand Grinder

Code : H011, H021, H031, H041, H051, H211, H221, H231, H311

Minimo Precision Electric Hand Grinder

Code : KV112H, KV212H, KM112H, KM212H, KV212, KM112, KM212, KM212L, KM112G

Minimo Combination Set, Portable Set

Code : CM40012, CM40212, CM5012, CM5212, CM6012, CM6212, CM9012, CM9212, CM10012, CM10212, CM11012, CM11212, H011, H012, H031, H041, H051, H211, H221, H231, H311, BX01, RM11, BS312, MG03, BX022

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