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Shell Tool

Shell Tool Snap Ring Pliers

Code : KT-227-1, KT-278-1, KT-227-2, KT-278-2

Shell Tool Waterpump Pliers & Combination Pliers

Code : CP-210, CP150, CP200, CW250, CW300, CW250D, CW250DL

Shell Tool Cable Cutter

Code : ST-606, ST-608, ST-610H

Shell Tool End Cutting Nippers

Code : SM-5, ST-507

Shell Tool Slant Edge Cutting Nippers

Code : ST-416H, ST-405, ST-406, ST-405A, ST-406A, KT-415, KT-416, KT-415A, KT-416A, KT-405, KT-406, KT-405A, KT-406A

Shell Tool Diagonal Cutting Nippers

Code : SM-15, KT-315F, KT-305, KT-306, ST-315, ST-316, ST-316H, ST-305, ST-306, ST-305PS, ST-306PS, ST-308, KT-308

Shell Tool Plastic Cutting Nippers

Code : SM-3, SM-23, SM-23B, SM-34, SM-22, SM-35, SM-36, KP-140F, KP-165F, KP-140R, KP-165R

Shell Tool Light Weight Cutters

Code : SM-7, SM-24

Shell Tool Midget Semi-flush Cutting Nippers

Code : SM-2, SM-19, SM-7B, SM-21

Shell Tool Micro Cutter Nippers

Code : SM-28, SM-1, SM-1B, SM-18, SM-18A, SM-18B

Shell Tool Side Cutting Pliers

Code : SM-13, KT-115F, ST-105, ST-106, ST-107, ST-108, ST-106E, ST-107E, ST-108E, ST-106EP, ST-107EP, ST-108EP, ST-116, ST-117, ST-118, ST-116H, ST-117H, ST-118H, ST-118P, KT-128, KT-159Z, KT-118Z

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