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Peacock Overload Gauge

Code : K300-42M10-M27

Peacock Dial Gauge

Code : 107-HG, 107-DX, 107, 107F. 107-SWA, 107-BL, 107F-RE, 107-LL, 107W, 107F-T, 107-E, 17, 57-SWA, 57, 57F, 57B

Peacock Contact Point for Pic Test

Code : XP1A-3, XP1A-2, XP1A-2R, XP1A-1, XP1A-08, XP1A-05, XP1B-3, XP1B-2, XP1B-2R, XP1B-1, XP1B-08, XP1B-05, XP1L-3, XP1L-2, XP1L-2R, XP1L-1, XP1L-08, XP1L-05, XP2-3, XP2-2, XP2-2R, XP2-1, XP2-08, XP2-05, XN1A-3, XN1A-2, XN1A-2R, XN1A-1, XN1A-08, XN1A-05

Peacock Accessories for Dial Gauges

Code : X-1, X-103, X-105, X-107, X-112, X-125, XB-1, XB-215, XB-130, XC-1, XC-125, X-2, XB-2, XC-2, X-2A, XB-2A, XS-1, XS-105, XS-110, XS-115, XS-120, XS-125, XS-130, XB-305, XB-308, XS-2, XS-205, XS-215, XS-220, XS-225, XS-230, XB-405, XB-406, XB-408

Peacock Dial Plumb Bob ( VH Series )

Code : VH-240, VH-200, VH-175, VH-110, VH-40

Peacock Signal Gauge S-5, S-7, S-9, SC-2A

Code : S-5, S-7, S-9, SC-2A

Peacock Digital Upright Gauge (0.001mm, 0.01mm)

Code : R1-205, R1-257, R1-127

Peacock Digital Depth Gauge

Code : T2-205W, T2-257W, T1-205, T1-257, T2-127, T3-127, T5-127, T6-127

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