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Tohnichi Ring Head

Code : RH8DX12, RH8DX13, RH10DX8, RH10DX10, RH10DX11, RH10DX12, RH10DX13, RH10DX14, RH10DX16, RH10DX17, RH10DX18, RH10DX19, RH10DX21, RH10DX22, RH12DX8, RH12DX10, RH12DX11, RH12DX12, RH12DX13, RH12DX14, RH12DX16, RH12DX17, RH12DX18, RH12DX19, RH12DX21, RH12DX22

Tohnichi Open Spanner Head

Code : SH8DX5.5, 8DX6, 8DX7, 8DX8, 8DX10, 8DX11, 8DX12, 8DX13, 8DX14, 8DX16, 8DX17, 8DX19, 8DX21, 8DX22, 8DX24, SH10DX7, SH10DX8, SH10DX10, SH10DX11, SH10DX12, SH10DX13, SH10DX14, SH10DX16, SH10DX17, SH10DX18, SH10DX19, SH10DX21, SH10DX22, SH10DX24, SH12DX8, SH1

Tohnichi Adjustable Open End Head, Open End Head With Notch, Pipe Wrench Head, Hook Head

Code : AH15D2X26, AH15D2X30, AH15D2X36, SH10D-1X10N, SH10D-3X10N, SH10D-5X10N, SH10D-4X10N, SH10D-9X10N, SH10DX11N, SH10DX12N, PH15DX350, PH19DX250, PH22DX350, PH22DX450, FH15DX30, FH15DX38, FH15DX45, FH15DX52, FH15DX58, FH19DX65, FH22DX75, FH22DX85

Tohnichi Ratchet Head, Square Drive Head, Female Ratchet Head, Hex Head

Code : QH8D, QH10D-1/4, QH10D, QH12D, QH15D-3/8, QH15D, QH19D, QH22D-1/2, QH22D, QH27D, DH10D, DH12D, DH15D, DH19D, DH22D, DH27D, DH32D, RQH12DX12, RQH12DX14, RQH15DX14, RQH15DX17, RQH19DX17, RQH19DX19, RQH19DX22, RQH22DX22, RQH22DX24, HH8D, HH10DX5, HH10DX6

Tohnichi Bolt Tension Meter

Code : BTM400K, B-BTM13K, B-BTM40K, B-BTM130K, B-BTM400K, 40BTM-2-A, 1.3B-BTM-A, 4B-BTM-A, 13B-BTM-A, 40B-BTM-A

Tohnichi Digital Torque Gauge


Tohnichi Digital Torque Screwdriver Tester

Code : TDT60CN3-G, TDT600CN3-G

TOHNICHI SPINTORK (Rotary Peak Torque Meter)

Code : ST10N2, ST20N2, ST50N2, ST100N2, ST200N2, ST500N2, ST1000N2, ST100M2, ST200M2, ST500M2, ST1000M2, ST2000M2, ST5000M2, ST10000M2, ST90l2, ST180l2, ST450l2, ST900l2, ST150F2, ST360F2, ST700F2

Tohnichi Torque Wrench Line Checker

Code : LC20N3-G, LC200N3-G, LC1000N3-G, LC1400N3-G

Tohnichi Digital Torque Wrench Tester

Code : DOTE20N3-G, DOTE50N3-G, DOTE100N3-G, DOTE200N3-G, DOTE500N3-G, DOTE1000N3-G

Tohnichi European Style Interchangeable Head Type Dial Indicating Torque Wrench

Code : SCDB25N-9X12-S, SCDB50N-9X12-S, SCDB100N-9X12-S, SCDB200N-14X18-S

Tohnichi Digital Retightening Torque Wrench

Code : CTB10N2X8D-G, CTB20N2X10D-G, CTB50N2X12D-G, CTB100N2X15D-G, CTB200N2X19D-G, CTB360N2X22D-G, CTB500N2X22D-G, CTB850N2X32D-G

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