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Imada Load cell for Vehicle Foot Pedals

Code : PK1-500N, PK2-1500N, ePK2-1500N, ZTA-PK1-1500N, ZTA-PK2-1500N, ZTS-PK1-500N, ZTS-PK2-1500N, FAP-PK1-1500N, FAP-PK2-1500N

Imada Wire Terminal Grip

Code : CH-5000N, CW-5000N

Imada Torque Meter

Code : I-8, I-80

Imada Digital Force Gauge for Hand Held (DST/DSV Series)

Code : DST-2N, DST-5N, DST-20N, DST-50N, DST-200N, DST-500N, DST-1000N, DSV-2N, DSV-5N, DSV-20N, DSV-50N, DSV-200N, DSV-500N, DSV-1000N

Imada Coin Shaped Load Cell LM series

Code : LM-10N, eLM-20N, eLM-50N, eLM-100N, eLM-200N, eLM-500N, eLM-1000N, eLM-2000N, eLM-5000N, eLM-10kN, eLM-20kN, eLC-500N, eLC-1000N, eLC-2000N, eLC-5-00N, eLC-10kN, eLC-20kN, eDD2-5000N, eDDS-10kN, eDD2-20kN

Imada Horizontal Manual Test Stand

Code : SH-1000N series, SH-3000N series

Imada Manual Test Stand

Code : HV-500NII, HV-1000N, HV-3000N

Imada Small Multi Manual Test Stand

Code : MSF-50N, MSL-50N(1)

Imada Precision Model Mechancal Force Gauge

Code : PSM-20N, PSM-30N, PSM-50N, PSM-100N, PSM-200N, PSM-300N, PSM-500N, PSM-2K, PSM-3K, PSM-5K, PSM-10K, PSM-20K, PSM-30K, PSM-50K

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