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Yamayo EEC Metric Tape

Code : FC13-2EC, FC16-3EC, FC16-5EC, FC13-2ECP, FC16-3ECP, FC16-5ECP, OC13-2EC, OC16-3EC, OC16-5EC, OC13-2ECP, OC16-3ECP, OC16-5ECP, OCB13-2ECP, OCB16-3ECP, OCB16-5ECP, OCB25-5ECP, OCB25-7ECP

Yamayo Metric/English Tape

Code : OC13-20F, OC16-35F, OC16-50F, OC13-20FP, OC16-35FP, OC16-50FP, OCB19-35FP, OCB19-55FP, OCB19-75FP, OCB25-55FP, OCB25-75FP

Yamayo Metric Tape (JIS)

Code : FC13-201, FC16-351, FC16-551, FC13-20P, FC16-35P, FC16-55P, OC13-201, OC16-351, OC16-551, OC13-20P, OC16-35P, OC16-55P, OCB13-20P, OCB16-35P, OCB16-55P, OCB19-35P, OCB19-55P, OCB19-75P, OCB25-55P, OCB25-75P

Yamayo Straight Rules

Code : SS15, SS30, SS60, SS100, SS1506, SS3012, SS6024, SS10036, SS15/SS1506, SS30/SS3012, SS60/SS6024, SS100/SS10036

Yamayo Measuring Wheels

Code : RB20S/RB20SS, RB20S1, RB20D, RB20D1

Yamayo Aluminum Staff

Code : AS5-5, AS5-4, AS5-3, AS3-3

Yamayo Hanging Scales

Code : SK-H30, SK-H50, SK-H100, SK-H160

Yamayo Tubular Scales

Code : SK-02, SK-04, SK-1, SK-2, SK-4, SK-10, SK-20, SK-40, SK-50, SK-100, SK-160, SK-200, SK-01K, SK-02K, SK-05K, SK-1K, SK-2K, SK-5K, SK-10K, SK-20K, SK-25K, SK-50K, SK-80K, SK-100K

Yamayo Body Measure

Code : MM-15


Code : MRT30, MRT50

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