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Riken Flat Heavy Square

Code : RAS-75, RAS-100, RAS-150, RAS-200, RAS-300

Riken Knife Edged Squares I-Type

Code : RKS-75, RKS-100, RKS-150, RKS-200, RKS-300

Riken I-Type Precision Square

Code : RIS-75, RIS-100, RIS-150, RIS-200, RIS-300, RIS-500

Riken Precision Flat Square JIS 1st class. JIS 2nd class

Code : RHS1-50, RHS1-75, RHS1-100, RHS1-150, RHS1-200, RHS1-300, RHS1-500, RHS1-750, RHS1-1000, RHS2-50, RHS2-75, RHS2-100, RHS2-150, RHS2-200, RHS2-300, RHS2-500, RHS2-750, RHS2-1000

Riken Straight Edge Bevel-Type

Code : RSHV-200, RSHV-300, RSHV-500, RSHV-600, RSHV-750, RSHV-1000, RSHV-1500, RSHV-2000, RSHV-200Y, RSHV-300Y, RSHV-500Y, RSHV-600Y, RSHV-750Y, RSHV-1000Y, RSHV-1500Y, RSHV-2000Y

Riken Precision Straight Edge I-Type, Precision Knife-Type Straight Edge, I Beam-Type Precision Straight Edge, Wide-Type Precision Straight Edge A Class

Code : RSHA-300, RSHA-500, RSHA-1000, RSHA-1500, RSHA-2000, RSHN-100, RSHN-150, RSHN-200, RSHN-300, RSHN-400, RSHN-500, RIBM-500, RIBM-750, RIBM-1000, RIBM-1500, RIBM-2000, RIBM-2500, RIBM-3000, RIBM-500Y, RIBM-750Y, RIBM-1000Y, RIBM-1500Y, RIBM-2000Y, RIBM-2500

Riken Bevel Protractor

Code : R-495D

Riken Parallel Block

Code : RPB-101510, RPB-101511, RPB-101512, RPB-101513, RPB-101514, RPB-101516, RPB-101517, RPB-101518, RPB-101519, RPB-101520, RPB-101521, RPB-101522, RPB-101523, RPB-101524, RPB-101525, RPB-101526, RPB-101527, RPB-101528, RPB-101529, RPB-101530

Riken Box Type V Blocks With Clamp

Code : RBV-100, RBV-125, RBV-150, RBV-200

Riken Sine Bar, Sine Bar Base

Code : RSBB-100, RSBB-200, RSB-100, RSB-200

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