Tetkomat - Tetkomat Tension Gauge

Tetkomat Tension Gauge

Code : 7-50 N/cm, 10-100N/cm
Brand : Tetkomat

Fabric Tension Meter

Measuring principle                                      Mechanical measuring of the fabric’s
                                                                      sagging under a constant force
Measuring value                                            -N/cm (=0.102 kp/cm)
                                                                       no time consuming conversion of units
Measuring range                                           TETKOMAT 7 – 50 N/cm
                                                                       Tolerance 5% of the measuring range
Weight of instrument                                    500 g
Weight with carrying case and test plate     850 g approx.
Dimensions of instrument                             108 X 76 X 44 mm
Dimensions of carrying case                         229 X 200 X 76 mm



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