Protec - Protec Tension Gauge

Protec Tension Gauge

Code : STG-75D (Digital Type), STG-75M (Analogue Type)
Brand : Protec

Protec Tension Gauge

STG-75D (Digital Type), STG-75M (Analogue Type)


Our original design and still the best. The most trusted tension gauge in the screen printing industry.

It's long-established success is a proof of reliability, accuracy and good design.

 Large Measurement Result

With large measuring range (0.01mm ~ 10mm), is it so versatile and especially used for measuring high-tension, large sized-material, e.g. Tetoron and Stainless Mesh.

 Reliable Measurement Result

Precision engineered and with a high perfomance dial gauge, its produces high accurate result.

Dato Control System Archieved

When connected to a printer, it can provided a permanent record of all the tension measurements. OK/NG test results, and various data operation.

e.g. Produce histograms



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