Protec - Protec Tension Gauge

Protec Tension Gauge

Code : STG-80NA (Analogue Type), STG-80D (Digital Type)
Brand : Protec

Protec Tension Gauge

STG-80NA (Analogue Type), STG-80D (Digital Type)


Meet your demand for a handy measuring scale with high accuracy. Use for small sized screen mask for electronics parts, to screen printing mask.

With its large measuring range (0.01~3.0), you can easily use it without having to worry about the size of the screen frame.

Dato Control System Archieved

When connected to a printer, it can provided a permanent record of all the tension measurements. OK/NG test results, and various data operation.

e.g. Produce histograms


The Digital Displya avoid any reading error by operator




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