Kanon - Kanon Digital Caliper (Center Distance)

Kanon Digital Caliper (Center Distance)

Code : E-RM(II)15B, E-RM(II)30B, E-RM(II)60B, RM-S15B
Brand : Kanon

Adequate for center distance measurement for holes

E-RM(II)15B, E-RM(II)30B, E-RM(II)60B,  RM-S15B

Adequate for center distance measurement for holes


Caliper for measuring circular hole center distance adequate for "offset system" with vertical movement of probe and measurement of "small diameter hole and small surface"



? In addition measurement for holes with different diameters is available because the probe of main scale moves vertically.
? A special-purpose gage block is provided.
? The printer output function is provided



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