Tosok - Tosok Digital Air Gage (DAG2000)

Tosok Digital Air Gage (DAG2000)

Code : DAG-2000
Brand : Tosok

  • Minimum resolution 0.01μm(option)
  • Result identify action can be displayed in different colors:
    • Main display : three color (green, orange and red) digital display
    • Result lamps:5 lamp result displays: OK (green), -OK, +OK (orange), -NG, +NG (red)
  • Master coordination can be performed automatically by push button or an external signal(optional).
  • Can output data(measurement data/measurement results) to computers and printers, by means of a serial communication function, provided standard.
  • Built-in multi-range A/E converter; can be adjusted to all ranges simply by panel switches.


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