Kato - Kato Collets - TC Series

Kato Collets - TC Series

Code : TC 206, TC 412, TC 1022, TC 2035, TC 3050, TC50100, TC 206-L+30, TC 206-L+60, TC 412-L+60, TC 412-L+100, TC 1022-L+ 60, TC 1022-L+100, TC2035-L+ 60
Brand : Kato

TC Series

TC collets can be combined with SA-series tappers (RA/SA-III/SA-II/SA-VI)

Quick-chage of taps

Available in 4 different lengths (32~168mm)

A torque limiter is equipped to avoid tap breakage

Reliable torque transmission by driving the square portion of the tap

Stable tool positioning on quick changing of taps

Suitable torques have already been set for each tap size in order to save time.

The torque limiter adopts a ball clutch mechanism for smooth operation and maintains safety as well as high durability.

Your choice of 4 setup torques (Standard, Yellow, Red and Roll)

Oversized collets (cf.P02) do not include "Red" or "Roll" setup torque.


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