Sundoo - Sundoo Digital Force Gauge

Sundoo Digital Force Gauge

Code : SH-2, SH-5, SH-10, SH-20, SH-50, SH-100, SH-200, SH-500
Brand : Sundoo

Product Description:
Product Name: SH Series Digital Force Gauge SH Series Digital Force Gauge is a small multi-function high-precision sliding load test equipment. For a variety of products and pull the load test, plug power testing, destructive testing. High resolution digital display, easy to use for the new generation of high precision push-pull test equipment.


Peak hold automatic discharge function: peak hold time (1 to 10 seconds) set free;
Compare features: free to set the minimum and maximum deviation, red and green indicator light and buzzer sound and light alarm;
Average calculation function: 10 groups of test values of memory, the average calculation function;
Three units conversion: N, kgf, lbf three units of automatic conversion;
Automatic shutdown: shutdown time (1 to 60 points) set free;

Serial output: Connect the computer to pass the test program to see the force value curve or import data will be stored to a computer for analysis, printing and other related processing;


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