Lobster - Lobster Bolt clippers EBC

Lobster Bolt clippers EBC

Code : EBC300, EBC350, EBC450, EBC600, EBC750, EBC900, EBC1050
Brand : Lobster


Bolt clippers EBC

Bolt clippers  EBC

•Enables effective use of the sharp point at the tip of the cutting blade. Useful for cutting work in cramped spaces. (EBC300 to 450)

•The flanged grip appropriately fits the hand, and transmits work force securely, enabling powerful cutting work. Made of an environmentally friendly, vinyl chloride-free material (elastomer).
•Owing to the large corner angle of the clip plate, this tool is useful for insertion into deep places. (EBC300 to 450)


•Cutting wires


Bolt clippers  EBC


Model No.         (Product) weight              size1             size2
EBC300 780g 320mm 56mm
EBC350 980g 361mm 60mm
EBC450 1430g 465mm 71mm
EBC600 2470g 605mm 85mm
EBC750 4090g 770mm 97mm
EBC900 5960g 925mm 110mm
EBC1050 9070g 1050mm 122mm

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