Daisei (DSK) - Daisei Flow Type Air Micrometer

Daisei Flow Type Air Micrometer

Code : OF-1, OF-2, OF-10
Brand : Daisei (DSK)

This is the flow type air micrometer which can be used simply and generally with use of tapered glass tube and float.



When jetted air is controlled to a constant pressure as the regulator of the filter from the spout of the measuring head, the amount of air flowing out unless place workpiece before the spout is proportional to the area of the spout. When you place the measurement object in front of the spout, the amount of air flowing out of the interval as the spout of the measuring object and the ejection port have a range that is proportional. It shows the flow rate variation of the range as the spacing dimension at a flow rate meter which consists of a tapered glass tube and float. Float up and down by the flow rate of the taper glass tube is changed in proportion to the distance change of the measured object and spout. (Float at a flow rate increase is rising) and Yes and to read in terms of this to the spacing dimension.


  •   cylinder gauge, do not cause the error due to the measurement time short measuring person as compared to the micrometer or the like.
  •   It becomes reasonable and cost reduction in the measurement in precision measurement and inspection or production process of the mass-produced products.
  •   hysteresis for size indication of the seriousness is constituted only in a tapered glass tube and float, backlash, aging, do not cause errors and failure due to wear.
  •   You can freely changing the number of the communication by the reclassification.
  •   The compact design even if you have a multiple-expression, it requires less space.

Magnification and measurement range

Item Item

Model TYPE

Reference magnification

Std. Magnif.

Effective measurement range (μm)

Effective Range (μm)

The maximum measurement range (μm)

Max. Range (μm)

Minimum scale (μm)

Min. Range (μm)

Scale width (mm)

Range Width (mm)
OF-1 Thousand 150 220 Five Five
2000 76 108 2 Four
4000 Fifty 74 1 Three
5000 Thirty 43 1 Five
10000 Fifteen twenty two 0.5 Five
OF-2 ~ OF-10

2 barreled to 10 barreled different kinds of magnification can be combined

Two to Ten Column Type Different Magnification may be combined.
Weight Weigth

1 station 7kg

1 Column 7kg

2 stations 10kg

2 Column 10kg

Triple 13kg

3 Column 13kg

Quadruple 16kg

4 Column 16kg


5 Column 19kg

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