Daisei (DSK) - Daisei Digital Air Micrometer

Daisei Digital Air Micrometer

Code : Ele-Mic92R-MA, Ele-Mic92R-MF, Ele-Mic92R-ME
Brand : Daisei (DSK)

Ele-Mic92R series [three models support]

  • RoHS directive compliant ?
  • display is a two-method of three-color bar graph and digital.
  • has a digital display function of the measured value and the rank value (upper and lower limit), the magnification of the bar graph is automatically changed by the rank setting.
  •  bar graph display is within OK rank setting range of "green", within ± OK range yellow, changes to and exceeds the set range "red".
  • You can use up to three types of gauge manually.
  • operability, and each number set by one-touch master alignment and front switch, is very easy.
  •  multi-connection is also possible.

As an option, you can add functionality of the "TTL-level output or printer output," "control for I / O input-output", "RS232C output", "temperature correction", "three aircraft tumor automatic switching" is.

RoHS Directive: European Parliament and of the Council on the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive





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