Kanon - Kanon Digital Torque Wrench

Kanon Digital Torque Wrench

Code : DLT-N50-UC, DLT-N100-UC, DLT-N200-UC
Brand : Kanon


Digital control for ease of use and handling. Precise contol of torque at a low cost.


●Data memory function : Conned the torque wrench after use to your PC, and the measurement data is stored in the PC for editing in the Excel format (Windows Excel only).
●Powered by 2 rechargeable nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) batteries, which are recharged via the USB port of the torque wrench while they are in the wrench.
●Auto power-off: Saves power to enable use of the unit for a longer time.
●Calendar function : Date and time of tightening operations are stored in the memory.
●Smart and slim design based on a new concept.
●The head is easily replaceable to suit different purposes of use.
●±2% + 1 digit guaranteed accuracy (±3% + 1 digit for DLT-N50-UC).


Data memory

999 data

Measurement mode

RUN : Current load value is shown continuously
PA : The first peak value is detected and held
PC : Peak to peak and auto start

Alarm mode

LED and buzzer


method CW/CCW auto switching

Power source

Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, size AA, 1.2V; 2 pieces

Use time

Approx. 20 hours fully charged batteries (continuous use)

Charge time

Max 5 hours (appopx.) for dischanrge and charge

Auto power off

After 60 seconds

I/O terminal

USB terminal (for Windows) for data outputting and battery charging

Operating temperature range


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