Kanon - Kanon SHT-J Height Gauges

Kanon SHT-J Height Gauges

Code : SHT-1-30J, SHT-1-60J, SHT-1-1000J, SHT-1-1500J, SHT-1-2000J, SHT-1-30J, SHT-1-60J, SHT-1-100, SHT-1-150, SHT-1-200
Brand : Kanon

 Kanon SHT-J Height Gauges

A magnifier simplifies the reading of the scale.

With "Vertical movement of main scale", this height gage can be used for instantaneous measurement.

Adequate for measurement of height for vertically long objects

SHT-1-30J, SHT-1-60J, SHT-1-1000J, SHT-1-1500J, SHT-1-2000J, SHT-1-30J, SHT-1-60J, SHT-1-100, SHT-1-150, SHT-1-200


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