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Lobster Universal joint UJ, Universal type electric drill socket DLM-U

Code : UJ3000, UJ4000, DLM17U, DLM19U, DLM21U

Lobster Socket Wrench Set

Code : 1210A, 1213A, 1215A, 1218A, 610SA, 913A, 913SA

Lobster Nut spinner handle SH, Ratchet handle RH, Screwdriver type handle DH, Sliding T-handle ST

Code : ST4250, DH2150, RH2140A, RH3200A, RH4250A, SH4300, SH4375

Code : LM204S, LM2045S, LM205S, LM2055S, LM206S, LM207S, LM208S, LM209S, LM210S, LM211S, LM212S, LM306S, LM307S, LM308S, LM309S, LM310S, LM311S, LM312S, LM313S, LM314S, LM317S, LM319S, LM321S, LM322S

Lobster Electric drill socket DLM

Code : DLM8, DLM10, DLM12, DLM13, DLM14, DLM17, DLM19, DLM21, DLM22, DLM24, FILM, BLM2, BLM3, BLM4, FKLM, EB2075, EB2150, EB3075, EB4075, EB4150, EB4250

Code : LM408, LM409, LM410, LM411, LM412, LM413, LM414, LM415, LM416, LM417, LM418, LM419, LM420, LM421, LM422, LM423, LM424, LM425, LM426, LM427, LM428, LM429, LM430, LM431, LM432, LM433,LM308, LM310, LM311, LM312, LM313, LM314, LM315, LM316, LM317, LM318

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