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Kanon Digital Caliper

Code : E-BL15B

Kanon Point Caliper

Code : E-PK15B

Kanon Outside Caliper

Code : E-NK20B

Kanon Short leg Jaw Caliper

Code : SBM20, SBM30

Kanon Vernier Caliper

Code : KSM15FF, KSM20FF, KSM30FF, SM7, SM150, SM200, SM250, SM300, SM400

Kanon Vernier Caliper

Code : M45, M50, M60, M100, SM150, SM200, SM250, SM300

Kanon Vernier Caliper

Code : SCM15, SCM20, SCM30, SCM40, SCM-45, SCM50, SCM60, SCM100, SCM150, SCM200, SCM250, SCM300, SCM400, SCML30, SCML45, SCML50, SCML60

Kanon Vernier Caliper

Code : SCML30, SCML45, SCML50, SCML60

Kanon Dial Caliper

Code : DMK15J, DMK20J, DMK30J

Kanon Caliper for Inspection

Code : FCM30, FCM70

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