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Hozan ESD Parts Box

Code : BB-17-BB

Hozan Wrist Strap Checker

Code : F-206, F-206-TA

Hozan ESD Elastomer Tip Tweezers

Code : P-640-J, P-643-J, P-640J-1, P-643J-1, P-640S-1, P-641S-1, P-642S-1, P-643S-1, P-644S-1, P-645S-1, P-640P-1, P-644P-1, 9-643N-1, P-645N-1

Hozan Spoke Threader Set

Code : C-702-22, C-707-13, C-707-14, C-707-15

Hozan Titanium Tweezer

Code : PP-120

Hozan Surface Resistance Checker

Code : F-109, F-109-TA, F-109-1, F-109-1-TA, F-101, F-101-TA, F-102, F-103, F-109-4, F-104

Hozan Tweezer

Code : P-660, P-661, P-662, P-664

Hozan Ball Point L-Wrench Set

Code : W-110, W-111, W-112, W-113, W-110-1.5, W-110-2, W-110-2.5, W-110-3, W-110-4, W-110-5, W-110-6, W-111-1.5, W-111-2, W-111-2.5, W-111-3, W-111-4, W-111-5, W-111-6, W-112-1.5, W-112-2, W-112-2.5, W-112-3, W-112-4, W-112-5, W-112-6, W-113-1.5, W-113-2.5, W-11

Hozan Circular Saws

Code : K-111, K-110-1, K-110-2

Hozan Tweezers

Code : P-610-S, P-611-S, P-612-S, P-613-S, P-614-S, P-620-S

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