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Hozan Tool Kits

Code : S-211, S-221, S-241

Hozan Precision Tweezer

Code : P-840, P-841, P-842

Hozan Tool Box

Code : B-50, B-10, B54-B, B55-B

Hozan ESD Tray

Code : F-14

Hozan Tweezer

Code : P-881, P-891

Hozan Snips

Code : N-841

Hozan Philips Screwdriver, Slotted Screwdriver, Tubby Screwdriver, Reversible Screwdriver Set, Reversible Tubby Screwdriver, Nut Driver

Code : D-530-75, D-540-100, D-550-100, D-555-100, D-555-300, D-630-75, D-630-100, D-640-100, D-650-100, D-655-100, D-68, D-69, D-44, D-52, D-54, D-58, D-59, D-840, D-840-4, D-840-5, D-840-5.5, D-870-7, D-840-8, D-840-10

Hozan Adjustable Wrench

Code : W-230, W-230-100, W-230-150, W-230-200, W-230-250

Hozan File Set 5pcs, Seat Stay Opener & Tightener, Gear Hanger Alignment Gauge, Tap Set, Tap Handle

Code : K-155, K-155-S, K-155-L, K-160, K-161, K-162, K-163, K-164, K-170, K-171, K-172, K-173, K-174, C-451, C-336, C-431, C-437, K-437-2, K-437-3, K-437-4, K-437-5, K-437-6, K-437A, K-438A

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