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Kato Tapper

Code : BT30-RF103, BT30-RF306, BT30-RF414, BT40-RF306, BT40-RF414, BT50-RF306, BT50-RF414, BT30-RF414-OHC, BT40-RF414-OHC, BT50-RF414-OHC

Kato Collets - TC Series

Code : TC 206, TC 412, TC 1022, TC 2035, TC 3050, TC50100, TC 206-L+30, TC 206-L+60, TC 412-L+60, TC 412-L+100, TC 1022-L+ 60, TC 1022-L+100, TC2035-L+ 60

Kato Tapper - SA Series - RA

Code : JT6-RA 412, MT2-RA 412, MT3-RA 412, MT3-RA1022, MT4-RA1022

Kato Tapper - SA Series - SA-VI

Code : ST25-SA 412-VI, ST20-SA 412-VI, ST32-SA 412-VI, ST32-SA1022-VI, ST42-SA1022-VI, STT20-SA 412-VI, STT25-SA 412-VI, STT32-SA 412-VI, STT32-SA1022-VI, STT40-SA1022-VI

Kato Tapper - SA Series - SA-II

Code : MT2-SA 412-II, MT3-SA 412-II, MT3-SA1022-II, MT4-SA1022-II, MT4-SA2035-II, MT5-SA2035-II, MT5-SA3050-II

Kato Tapper - SA Series - SA-III

Code : BT30-SA 206-III, BT30-SA 412-III, BT40-SA 206-III, BT40-SA,412-III, BT40-SA 1022-III, BT40-SA2035-III, BT50-SA 206-III, BT50-SA 412-III, BT50-SA1022-III, BT50-SA 2035-III, BT50-SA 3035-III, BT50-SA50100-III

Kato Tapper - SA Series - HA-M-OHC

Code : HSK-A 63-HA1022-M-OCH, HSK-A 63-HA2035-M-OHC, HSK-A100-HA 412-M-OHC, HSK-A100-HA1022-M-OHC, HSK-A100-HA2035-M-OHC, HSK-A100-HA2035-M-OHC, BT30-HA 412-M-OHC, BT40-HA 412-M-OHC, BT40-HA1022-M-OHC, BT40-HA2035-M-OHC, BT50-HA 412-M-OHC, BT50-HA1022-M-OHC

Kato Tapper - SA Series - HA-M

Code : BT30-HA206-M, BT40-HA206-M, BT50-HA206-M, HA206-M, TC206-M

Kato Tapper - SA Series RA-M

Code : BT30-RA412-M, BT40-RA412-M, BT50-RA412-M, RA412-M, TC412-MO

Kato Collets - TCA series, TCA-HP-SB

Code : TCA412, TCA412-S, TCA412-M, TCA412-L, TCA412L+30, TCA412L+60, TCA412L+90, TCA1022, TCA 412-HP, TCA1022-HP

Kato TCA series tap collets

Code : TC/TCA collet vs, ER collet

Kato Tapper - CA Series - CAS/CAS-OHC

Code : BT40-CAS 412, BT40-CAS1022, BT50-CAS 412, BT50-CAS4022, BT50-CAG 412- OHC, BT50-CAS1022-OHC

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