Our Goals and Philosophy

The overall goal of Ichiban Precision is to provide an exceptional distribution service to satisfy our customers' needs. Our goals are:

  • To do our best for our customers.
  • To provide the best total value to our customers.
  • To pass on any cost-savings to our customers.

Our team philosophy is to be an exceptional company by striving to establish long-term mutually beneficial relationships with an expanding customer base.

We believe in providing the best quality service to our customers with the best total value. By importing directly from manufacturers at competitive prices, we are able to pass on the savings to our customers at a fair price. Through better business relationships with our customers, we are able to anticipate their needs and have the desired products and services available when the customer needs them.

Ichiban Precision is able to provide exceptional quality service and best value by including only high-performance and superior-quality employees as team members. We believe it is only possible to give the best service with the best team members.
All team members at Ichiban Precision are high achievers who are motivated, ambitious and very service-quality conscious. Ichiban Precision invests much time, training and money in its team members to assure these qualities. All team members are cross-trained in order to help other team members and automatically step in to help whenever the need arises. It is also our philosophy to require responsibility, encourage creativity and maximize all our team member's potential in the workplace.

~ Doing our best for you! ~