Tips to get the most value

  • Use a local source
    Manufacturers are often large, remote and can be difficult to talk to. With a local distributor you can talk to known people quickly, easily and inexpensively.
  • When service is key
    Use a customer-focussed distributor who is in the business of stocking and getting products to customers.
  • Consider your total purchase cost
    To know what your total purchase really costs, you must include: purchase price; time spent purchasing; paperwork costs for purchase orders, receiving, writing cheques, delivery time and time spent correcting mistakes. Consolidating the purchases from different manufacturer's products with a single distributor can lower all of these costs.
  • Lower your inventory cost
    A service orientated local distributor is your best source for just-in-time delivery of your precision parts supply needs. Let the distributor carry the cost of handling, inspecting and storing your inventory needs.
  • Maximise your influence
    You will get the best service from a distributor who values your business. Your business will matter more to a local distributor than to a large manufacturer because it reflects a larger percentage of their total sales.
  • Minimise your freight charges
    Distributors receive shipments in bulk from the manufacturers. You will pay only the cost of local shipping from your distributor.
  • Buy where you have an account
    Distributors will often extend credit to accounts that do substantial business, where a manufacturer doesn’t normally extend this service.

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