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Nagai Gauges

Nagai Feeler Gauge

Code : 172MA, 172MB, 172MC, 173MD, 172ME, 100MR, 150MR, 100MH, 100MK, 100MK, 150MK, 60M, 100MY, 150MY, 65M, 100MZ, 150MZ, 80M, 100MX, 150MX, 72M, 100MT, 150MT, 100ML, 150ML, 467M, 245M

Nagai Gauge Feeler Gauge

Code : 75L0.01, 75L0.02, 75L0.03, 75L0.04, 75L0.05, 75L0.06, 75L0.07, 75L0.08, 75L0.09, 75L0.10, 75L0.11, 75L0.12, 75L0.13, 75L0.14, 75L0.15, 75L0.20, 75L0.25, 75L0.30, 75L0.35, 75L0.40, 75L0.45, 75L0.50, 75L0.60, 75L0.70, 75L0.80, 75L0.90, 75L1.00, 75L1.00

Nagai Gauge Taper Gauge

Code : 700A, 700B, 700C, 700D, 270A, 270B, 267M, 710A, 710B, 710C

Nagai Gauges Filler Gauge (Shim Gauge) (Feeler Gauge) (Thicknes Gauge)

Code : SFT0.005M1, FT0.01M1, SFT0.015M1, FT0.02M1, FT0.025M1, FT0.03M1, FT0.04M1, FT0.05M1, FT0.06M1, FT0.07M1, FT0.08M1, FT0.09M1, FT0.10M1, FT0.11M1, FT0.12M1, FT0.13M1, FT0.14M1, FT0.15M1, FT0.20M1, FT0.25M1, FT0.30M1, FT0.35M1, FT0.40M1, FT0.45M1, FT0.50M1

Nagai Gauges Thickness Gauge

Code : 75A10, 100A10, 150A10, 200A10, 300A10, 75A11, 100A11, 150A11, 75A12, 100A12, 150A12, 75A13, 100A13, 150A13, 75A19, 100A19, 150A19, 75A25, 100A25, 150A25, 75B10, 100B10, 150B10, 200B10, 300B10, 75B11, 100B11, 150B11, 75B12, 100B12, 150B12, 75B13, 100B13, 1

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