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Asahi Industory

Asahi Air Chuck

Code : 4-HCA

Asahi Air Chuck

Code : 4-ISO, 4-SCH, 4-SCRM, 5-IS, 5-IRS, 4-IR, 4-JR, 5-IR, 5-PR, 4-TB2, 4-E, 4-H, 4-I, 4-IS, 4-TBHS, 4-TS, 4-A, 4-B, 4-C, 4-S, 4-P7C, 4-LS, 4-L, 4-LW

Asahi Bar Type

Code : T-7S, T-7G, 7-ISO, 2-A, 2-B, BC-1, 7-TS, 7-TW, 7-J, 8, MG-50

Asahi Precision Type Tire Gauge Master

Code : MTS-5, MTS-15, MTS-5MC

Asahi Dial Tire Gauge

Code : AD-306, AD-306MC, AD-312, AD-312TB, AD-101A, AD-103A, AD-103B, AD-104A, BD-1, AD-110

Asahi Dial Type Tire Gauge

Code : AD-206, AD-212, AD-206MC

Asahi Air Pressure (For Two-Wheel Vehicle)

Code : AG-8006-4, AG-8006-5

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