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FSK Polishing Stone

Code : KW-001, KW-003, KW-005, KW-007, KW-009, KW-011, KW-013, KW-015, KW-017, KW-019

FSK Cast Iron Level for Spinning Machine

Code : IRC1.0-150, IRC0.5-150, IRC1.0-230, IRC0.5-23, IRC1.0-300, IRC0.5-300, IRC1.0-450, IRC0.5-450, IRC1.0-600, IRC0.5-600

FSK Cast Iron Level for Mason

Code : ITC-150, ITC-230, ITC-300, ITC-380, ITC-450, ITC-600

FSK T-type Level

Code : TTL-0.02, TTL-0.05, TTL-0.1, TL-05, TL-01, TL-02

FSK Long Level

Code : ADL0.1-1000, ADL1.0-1000, ADL0.1-500, ADL1.0-500

FSK Aluminum Flat Level

Code : AFL1-150, AFL2-150, AFL3-150, AFL1-200, AFL2-200, AFL3-200

FSK Bubble Tube Level

Code : BTL1-150, BTL2-150, BTL31-50, BTL1-200, BTL2-200, BTL3-200, BTL1-250, BTL2-250, BTL3-250, BTL1-300, BTL2-300, BTL3-300, BTL1-500, BTL2-500, BTL3-500

FSK Vertical Type Bench Center

Code : BCL-1, BCL-2, BCL-3

FSK Bench Center

Code : SB-1, SB-2, P-1, P-2, P-3, No. 1 (BC-1)

FSK Angle Level

Code : AL-1, AL-2, AL-3

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