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Fujiya Cable Pliers, Diagonal Cutting Nippers, Black & Gold color, Locking Pliers, Electrician Screwdriver, Tang-Thru Screwdriver, Semi-long Socket, Tilt Strut Cannel Socket, Electrical Work Scissors, High Leverage Diagonal Cutting Nippers, Screw Pliers

Code : 6050-175BG, 6050-200BG, 770-175BG, 770-200BG, 770-150BG, 410-250-BG, 524D-BG, 526D-BG, 554D-BG, 556D-BG, 524K-BG, 526K-BG, 564K-BG, 566K-BG, 512-17-BG, 512-19-BG, 512-21-BG, 506-17K-BG, FM04-180N-BG, 700N-175BG, 700N-200BG, 7700N-175BG, 7700N-200BG

Fujiya Adjustable Wrench , Adjustable Wrench Short Type, Adjustable Wrench Thin Tip Type, Water Pump Pliers, Adjustable wrench with Ratchet Wrench, Quick Adjustable wrench, Lightweight Water Pump Pliers, Pliers Wrench-pliers and a wrench in a single tool

Code : FFLA-28-BG, FLA-32-BG, FLA-43-BG, FLA-53-BG, FLS-28-BG, FLS-32-BG, FLS-43-BG, FLT-38-BG, FLS-53-BG, 110-250S-BG, 110-250SD-BG, FGL-38-BG, FLT-34-BG, FGP-32-BG, 130-250-BG, 130-200-BG, FLM-45-BG, FLP-38-BG, PC12-200BG, FVA-101, BKB-180M, BKB-180ML,

Fijiya Super Ball Wrench Set with Power up Handl

Code : SB-2300, SBL1000, SB-15, SB-20, SB-25, SB-30, SB-40, SB-50, SB-60, SB-80, SE-100, SBL-15, SBL-20, SBL-25, SBL-30, SBL-40, SBL-50, SBL-60, SBL-80, SBL-100, PIS358, PIS-246, PIS253, PIC-304,PIS-405, PIS-506, PIS-608, PIS810

Fujiya Cutting Nippers, Catch Nippers, Angle Plastic Cutting Nippers (34 Degree Type), Plastic Cutting Nippers, Thin Blade Plastic Cutting Nippers, End Plastic Cutting Nippers

Code : GPN-125FS, GPN-150FS, 90CS-125, 90CS-150, FPN-125FS, 90PMA-150, 910-125, 910-150, 920-125, HP813-120X, HP925-125, HP845-125, HP845-150, HP940-125XF, HP940-150XF, HP940-125XR, HP940-150XR, 90AS-175, 90AS-200, 90AS-150, 90-150, 90-175, GPN-125RS, GPN-150RS

Fujiya Nipper, Catch Nippers

Code : 9B-125, 90CS-125, 90CS-150

Fujiya Electric & Piping Works, Electrical Penetration Hammer, Crimping Pliers

Code : HT17-255, HT17P-185, HT17P-205D, ELS-300, ELS-500, ELS-700, FA001, FA002, FA003, FA004, FA005, FA006

Fujiya Electric & Piping Works, M-Bar Cutters, C-Channel Cutters, Electrical Work VA Stripper, Resin Flexible Cutter, Resin Tube Cutter, Wire Cutter, Cable Handy Cutters, Heavy Duty Diagonal Clippers

Code : FCC-550, FMC-500, FMC-B, FVA-1620, FF28-200, FF29-200, HWC-5, HWC-6, WC1-190, WC-12ST, GCC-150, GCC-200, 600-200, 600-240, 600-500, 610-170, FRC-32A, FRC-45A, PC11-200, PC1-200, PC12-200, PC13-200, PC2-200, PC3-200, PC5-280, HWC-9

Fujiya Diagonal Cutting Pliers, Straight Nippers, Angle Cutting Nippers

Code : 10-125, 10-150, 12S-120, 40S-125, FMN-125S, 50A-100, 50A-125, 50A-150, 50A-175, 50AP-100, 505-125, 505-150

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Fujiya Various Parts

Code : FG-1, FG-2, FG-3, FG-4, FG-5, FG-6, FG-7, FG-8, FG-9, MG-1, PG-1, PG-2, FNS-1, FNS-2, FNS-3, FNS-4, FNS-5, PNS-1, PNS-2

Fujiya Electric & Piping Works, Adjustable Wrench, Adjustable Wrench Short Type, Almighty Electrical Work Scissors, Electrical Work Scissors, M-Bar Cutters, C-Channel Cutters, Water Pump Pliers

Code : RTC-35, RTC-35S, RTC-67, RTC-67S, RTC-B1, RTC-B2, NF38-230, NF38-B1, NF38-B2, NF63-250, NF63-B1, NF63-B2, FDN-250, BJN-200, BJN-250, FM06-210, FM02-200, FM03-180, FM04-180N, FMC-500, FMC-B, FLA-28-F, FLA-32-F, FLA-43-F, FLA-53-F, FLA-32G-F, FLA-43G-F

Fujiya Waist Line Series, Waist Holder Bag, Pliers Holder, Work Belt, Set Belt T and Suspender, Safety Code with Lock Function 5 kg, Safety Code Twin Hook Type 3kg, Safety Code Slim Type 3kg, Waist Holder Bag, Hippo Case (Camouflage gray), Hippo Case

Code : SB-01, SP-01, SPB-01, DB-S, DB-M, DB-L, AB-S, AB-M, AP-S, AP-M, AP-E, WB-B, WB-C, WB-D, WB-E, TT-M, PN-1, PN-2D, PND-22, DR-2, LP-2, LP-3, LP-4, LP-5, LP-6, LP-NS, LP-NL, LP-30FS, LP-40FS, LP-60FS, LP-1D, LP-3D, LP-4D, LP-5D, LP-6D, PS-22BG, PS-23BG

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