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Raytronics Ring Fluorescent Lamp Illuminator

Code : 50A 50B 50GA 50GB 60A 60B 60GA 60GB 80A 80B 80GA 80GB 92A 92B 92GA 92GB 110A, 110B 110GA 110GB 127B 127GB, 50A-NEX, 50B-NEX, 60A-NEX, 60B-NEX, 80A-NEX, 80B-NEX, 92A-NEX, 92B-NEX, 110A-NEX, 110B-NEX

Raytronics Low-cost Power Supply RAY10W

Code : 80B-WW, 92B-WW, 80B-DL, 92B-DL, 80B-NEX, 92B-NEX, 80B-RAY-LC, 92B-RAY-LC, 110B-RAY-LC, 80B-RAYSMZ-LC, 80B-RAYSMZ10-LC, 92B-RAYSMZ600-LC, 80B-RAY-F35CL-LC, 92B-RAY-F53CL-LC, 92B-RAY-F60CL-LC, 92B-RAYSZ-LC, 92B-RAYVM-LC, 92B-RAYSZH-LC, 80B-RAYEMZ-LC

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