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Meihotech C-Ring

Code : GDH, GDH-W, GDH-L, GDH-12MN-S, GBH, GDS, GADS, EDH, SD, ALD, 47EDS, 47GADS, 47SD, 47ALD, GDH-8W, GDS-50, GAVH-50, S302DVH-50, HR-22S, M-6 Series, MA, MAC, MRC-6 Series, MCS-6A3 Series, M6S Series, MHC Series, M-60, MRC-660, MC-7, MC-8, M-500, MHR60-22N

Meihotech Side Inlet Type C-Ringer

Code : M-6X, M-6LX, M-6S, M-6LS

Meihotech C-Ringer

Code : M-500

Meihotech Automatic C-Ringer (Automatic Feed Type)

Code : MA-6W, MAC-6C, MAC-6CA, MAC-6LNA, MAC-660, MRC-6, MRC-6C, MRC-660, MRC-7, MRC-8

Meihotech C-Ringer MC Series; D-Ringer

Code : MCS-6A3, MC-7, MC-8, MHR60-22N

Meihotech New-Era C-Ringer M Series

Code : M-6W, M-6CW, M-6CAW, M-6LW, M-6, M-6C, M-6CA, M-6L, M-60

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