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Murakami Koki

Murakami Kilogram prototype 1/2replica KPR-Htype

Code : Murakami Kilogram prototype 1/2replica KPR-Htype

Murakami Weight Accessories

Code : Weight Fork, Glove, Silicone Cloth, Weight Lifter, Bell-Jar, Quartz Plate for Sheets Weights

Murakami Special Weights

Code : Precision weights with hook, Precision weights with ring, Cylindrical weights with top & bottom hook,

Murakami Newton Weight

Code : Cylindrical Type, Cylindrical Type With Hook, Cylindrical Type With Ring, Slotted Type, Disc Weight, Slotted Weight With Hanger

Murakami Precision Weights

Code : Stainless Steel Precision Weights

Murakami Slotted Weights

Code : Stainless Steel Slotted Weights

Murakami Rectangular Bar Weights

Code : Stainless Steel Rectangular Bar Weights, Cast-Iron Rectangular Bar Weights

Murakami OIML Cylindrical Standard Weights

Code : OIML Maximum Permissible Errors, OIML Quality Demands List

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