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Teclock Automatic Hardness Tester

Code : GX-02, GX-02A, GX-02D, GX-02E, GSS-619, GSS-620, GSS-621, RS-232C, ZY-090, ZY-128

Teclock Bluetooth Digital Height Gauge

Code : R1, SSH-R1400, SSH-R1600, CR2032, ZS-840.9002, ZS-840.9001, ZY-905.2247

Teclock Bluetooth Digital Bore Gauge (with Digital Indicator)

Code : SSCD-35, SSCD-60, SSCD-150, SSCD-160, SSCD-250, SSCD-400, SSCD-35S, SSCD-60S, SSCD-150S, SSCD-160S, SSCD-250S, SSCD-400S, SSCD-35F, SSCD-60F, SSCD-150F, SSCD-35FS, SSCD-60FS, SSCD-150FS, SSCN-10, SSCN-18

Teclock Bluetooth Digital External Caliper Gauge

Code : SSGM-1, SSGM-2, SSGM-8, IP67, CR2032

Teclock Bluetooth Digital Caliper, Bluetooth Digital Pitch Caliper

Code : SSC-650, SSC-750, SSC-850, SSC-650P, SSC-650E, SSC-650C, CR2032

Teclock Bluetooth Digital Micrometer

Code : SSM-750, SSM-850

Teclock Bluetooth Digital Depth Gauge

Code : SSD-210, SSD-211, SSD-213, SSD-214, SSD-215, SSD-293, SSD-250, SSD-251, SSD-252, SSD-280, SSD-283, SSD-2100M, SSD-2110M, SSD-2130M, SSD-2500M, SSD-2520M, SSD-2100, SSD-2150, SSD-2400, SSD-2410

Teclock Bluetooth Digital Constant Pressured Thickness Gauge

Code : SSPG-01, SSPG-02, SSPG-11, SSPG-12, SSPG-13, SSPG-14, SSPG-15, SSPG-16, SSPG-17, SSPG-18

Teclock Bluetooth Digital Thickness Gauge, Bluetooth Digital Thickness Gauge Long Stroke Model

Code : SSS.5540, SSS-540-LS, SSS-540-LW, SSS-540-3A, SSS-550, SSS-550-LS, SSS-550-LW, SSS-550-3A, SSS-5650, SSS-130

Teclock Bluetooth Digital Test Indicator

Code : SSL-250, SSL-260, SSL-350

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