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Kakuta Clamp

Code : NO.HH250-2S, NO.HH250-H, NO.HH251B, NO.HH350, NO.HH350-2S, NO.HH350-H, NO.HH351B, NO.HH450, NO.HH450-2S, NO.HH451B,

Kakuta Toggle Clamp (Downward-Pushing Type)

Code : NO.X11, NO.X12, NO.X13, NO.X14, NO.X15, NO.X16, NO.X17, NO.HS-10, NO.HV150, NO.HV150-2S, NO.HV151B, NO.HV153-XL, NO.HV250, NO.HV250-2S, NO.HV251B, NO.HV253-UL, NO.HV350, NO.351B, NO.HV450, NO.HV450-2S, NO.HV451B, NO.HV453-XL, NO.HV550, NO.HV650, NO.HV651B

Kakuta Toggle Clamp (Downward-Pushing Type)

Code : O.09, NO.09-2S, NO.09S, NO.34, NO.35, NO. 36, NO.37, NO.39, NO.40A, NO.40A-2S, NO.40K, NO.30K-2S, NO.40P, NO.40P-2S, NO.40S, NO.40S-2S, NO.41B小, NO.41BS小, NO.41B中, NO.41BS中, NO.41B大, NO.41E, NO.41F, NO.41K, NO.42A, NO.42A-2S, NO.42K, NO.42K-2S,

Kakuta Toggle Clamp (Hold Down Type)

Code : NO.01, NO.01-2S, NO.03-. NO.03-2S, NO.03S, NO.04, NO.04-2S, NO.08, NO.08-2S, NO.08S, NO.38B小, NO.38B小-2S, NO.38B大, NO.38B大-2S, NO.38C小, NO.38C大, NO.38D, NO.38DS, NO.38K小, NO.38K大, NO.38P小, NO.38P大, NO.38RK-S, NO.38RK-L, NO.38S小-2S, N

Kakuta Toggle Clamp (Straight Line Action Type)

Code : NO.02, NO.02-2S, NO.02BU, NO.02S, NO.06, NO.06-2S, NO.07, NO.50A, NO.50AS, NO.50B, NO.50BS, NO. 51, NO.51B小, NO.51B大, NO.51BX小, NO.51B中, NO.51BS小, NO.51BS中, NO.51C, NO.51MB, NO.51MD, NO.80, NO.FM50, NO.FM50-2S, NO.FM150, NO.FM150-2S, NO.FM250

Kakuta Pull Clamp

Code : NO.83, NO.86B, NO.86S, NO.FA110, NO.FA110-2S, NO.FA110RK, NO.FA110RK-2S, NO.FA120, NO.FA120-2S, NO.FA120RK, NO.FA120RK-2S, NO.FA150, NO.FA150-2S, NO.FA150RK, NO.FA1520RK-2S, NO.FA160, NO.FA160-2S, NO.FA160RK, NO.FA160RK-2S, NO.FA100, NO.FA100-2S, NO.FA200

Kakuta Air Clamp

Code : NO.500, NO.501, NO.AC250, NO.AC-450, NO.AC-451, NO.AC-650, NO. 55, NO.56, NO.100, NO.101, NO.102, NO.1-5, NO.106, NO.107, NO.200, NO.201

Kakuta Air Clamp With Switch

Code : NO.55-S, NO.56-S, NO.100-2, NO101-S, NO.102-S, NO.105-2, NO.106-S, NO.107-S, NO.500-S, NO.501-S, NO.AC-450-S, NO.AC-451-S, NO.AC-650-S, NO.200-2, NO.201-S

Kakuta Accessories

Code : M4x13ゴム付きボルト, M4x32ゴム付きボルト, M4×32ステンレスゴム付けボルト, M6x37ゴム付きボルト, M6×37ステンレスゴム付けボルト, M6x87ゴム付きボルト, M8×50ゴム付ボルト, M8×50ステンレスゴム

Kakuta Hand Vise

Code : No. 0, NO.1鍛造, NO.1(プレス, No. 1A, NO.2鍛造, No.2(プレス, No. 2B, NO.3鍛造, NO.3(プレス, No. 3B, NO.3特大, No. 4, No. 5, No. 6, No. 9, No. 9B, No. 11, NO.11特殊型, No. 12, NO.12特殊型, No. 12B, No. 12SP, No. 13, No. 14, NO.15中,

Kakuta Toggle Clamp

Code : 8RK-S, 38RK-L, NO. FA110RK, NO. FA110RK-2S, NO. FA12ORK, NO. FA120RK-2S, NO. FA150RK, NO. FA150RK-2S, NO. FA160RK, NO. FA160RK-2S

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