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Eight Hex Key Wrench Extra Long Length,

Code : LH-1.5, LH-2, LH-2.5, LH-3, LH-4, LH-5, LH-6. LH-8, LH-10, LH-12, LH-14, LH-17, LH-19, LH-1/6, LH-5/64, LH-3/32, LH-1/8, LH-5/32, LH-3/16, LH-1/4, LH-5/16, LH-3/8, LHS-9D, LHS-8D, LHS-7D, LHS-9ZD, RS-6, RS-7, RS-8, RS-9, RS-9D, RS-7D, RS-8ZD, RS-13ZD, R-1

Eight Bolt Catch - T Type Hex Key Wrench

Code : BCTT500-2.5, BCTT500-3, BCTT500-4, BCTT500-5, BCTT500-6, BCTT500-8, BCTT-2.5, BCTT-3, BCTT-4, BCTT-5, BCTT-6, BCTT-8

Eight T Type Hex Key Wrench Plastic Handle, Long Length Blade Adapted for Use in The Deep Space

Code : 018L-2H, 018L-2.5H, 018L-3H, 018L-4H, 018L-5H, 018L-6H, 018L-8H, 018L-10H, 018L-5/64H, 018L-3/32H, 018L-1/8H, 018L-5/32H, 018L-3/16H, 018L-1/4H, 018L-5/16H, 018L-3/8H

Eight T Type Hex Key Wrench Plastic Handle, Hexagon Wrench Set

Code : 18-1, 018-2, 018-2H, 018-2.5H, 018-3H, 018-4H, 018-5H, 018-6H, 018-8H, 018-10H, 018-5/64H, 018-3/32H, 018-1/8H, 018-5/32H, 018-3/16H, 018-7/32H, 018-1/4H,

Eight Hexagon Socket Bit (63.5mm (1/4) Square Driver -

Code : 41SB-S6, 41SB-2, 41SB-2.5, 41SB-3, 41SB-4, 41SB-5, 41SB-6, 41SB-8, 41SB-10

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