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Okabe Center Drill (Standard Type JIS 1 70 degree, 75 degree, 120 degree)

Code : 70J1CD0.7, 70J1CD1.0, 70J1CD1.5, 70J1CD2.0, 70J1CD2.5, 70J1CD3.0, 70J1CD4.0, 70J1CD5.0, 70J1CD6.0, 75J1CD0.7, 75J1CD1.0, 75J1CD1.5, 75J1CD2.0, 75J1CD2.5, 75J1CD3.0, 75J1CD4.0, 75J1CD5.0, 75J1CD6.0, 120J1CD0.7, 120J1CD1.0, 120J1CD1.5, 120J1CD2.0, 120J1CD2.

Okabe Center Drill (Standard Type JIS 1) 90 Degree

Code : 90J1CD0.7, 90J1CD1.0, 90J1CD1.5, 90J1CD2.0, 90J1CD2.5, 90J1CD3.0, 90J1CD4.0, 90J1CD5.0, 90J1CD6.0, 90GJ1CD0.7, 90GJ1CD1.0, 90GJ1CD1.5, 90GJ1CD2.0, 90GJ1CD2.5, 90GJ1CD3.0, 90GJ1CD4.0, 90GJ1CD5.0, 90GJ1CD6.0, 90VJ1CD0.7, 90VJ1CD1.0, 90VJ1CD1.5, 90VJ1CD2.0

Okabe Center Drills

Code : CCD0.3X3, CCD0.4X3, CCD0.5X3, CCD0.6X3.5, CCD0.7X3.5, CCD0.8X4, CCD0.9X4, CCD1X4, CCD1.2X5, CCD1.5X5, CCD2X5, CCD2X6, CCD2.5X6, CCD2.5X7.7, CCD2.5X8, CCD3X7.7, CCD3X8, CCD3X10, CCD3.2X7.7, CCD4X10, CCD4X11, CCD4X12, CCD5X11, CCD5X12, CCD5X14, CCD6X18

Okabe Center Drills

Code : Standard Long Shank Center Drills

Okabe Center Drills (Standard Type JIS 2)

Code : J2CD1.0, J2CD1.5, J2CD2.0, J2CD2.5, J2CD3.0, J2CD4.0, J2CD5.0, J2CD6.0, GJ2CD1.0, GJ2CD1.5, GJ2CD2.0, GJ2CD2.5, GJ2CD3.0, GJ2CD4.0, GJ2CD5.0, GJ2CD6.0, QKBJ2CD1.0, OKBJ2CD1.5, QKBJ2CD2.0, OKBJ2CD2.5, QKBJ2CD3.0, QKBJ2CD4.0, OKBJ2CD5.0, OKBJ2CD6.0

Okabe Center Drills (Standard Type JIS 1)

Code : J1CD0.7, J1CD1.0, J1CD1.5, J1CD2.0, J1CD2.5, J1CD3.0, J1CD4.0, J1CD5.0, J1CD6.0, GJ1CD0.7, GJ1CD1.0, GJ1CD1.5, GJ1CD2.0, GJ1CD2.5, GJ1CD3.0, GJ1CD4.0, GJ1CD5.0, GJ1CD6.0, VJ1CD0.7, VJ1CD1.0, VJ1CD1.5, VJ1CD2.0, VJ1CD2.5, VJ1CD3.0, VJ1CD4.0, VJ1CD5.0, VJ1C

Okabe Center Drills (Standard Type R)

Code : RCD0.7, RCD1.0, RCD1.2, RCD1.5, RCD2.0, RCD2.5, RCD3.0, RCD4.0, RCD5.0, RCD6.0, GRCD0.7, GRCD1.0, GRCD1.2, GRCD1.5, GRCD2.0, GRCD2.5, GRCD3.0, GRCD4.0, GRCD5.0, GRCD6.0, OKBRCDO.7, OKBRCDI.0, OKBRCD1.2, OKBRCD1.5, OKBRCD2.0, OKBRCD2.5, OKBRCD3.0

Okabe Center Drills (Standard Type 2)

Code : O2CD1.0, 02CD1.5, 02CD2.0, O2CD2.5, O2CD3.0, O2CD4.0, O2CD5.0, O2CD6.0, GO2CD1.0, GO2CD1.5, GO2CD2.0, GO2CD2.5, GO2CD3.0, GO2CD4.0, GO2CD5.0, GO2CD6.0, OKBO2CD1.0, OKBO2CD1.5, OKBO2CD2.0, OKBO2CD2.5, OKBO2CD3.0, OKBO2CD4.0, OKBO2CD5.0, OKBO2CD6.0

Okabe Center Drills (Standard Type 1)

Code : CD0.3, CD0.4, CD0.5, CD0.6, CD0.7, CD0.8, CD0.9, CD1.0, CD1.2, CD1.5, CD2X5, CD2.0, CD2.5X6, CD2.5, CD3.0, CD3X8, CD3.2, CD4X10, CD4.0, CD5.0, CD5X12, CD6X16, CD6.0, CD1/4, CD8.0, CD3/8, CD10.0, CD12X22, CD12X25, GCD0.3, GCD0.4, GCD0.5, GCD0.6, GCD0.7

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