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hnishi Angle Plate (Unslotted Type) with ribs, Angle Plate (Unslotted Type) without ribs, Angle Plate

Code : 166A-50K, 166A-75K, 166A-100K, 166A-125K, 166A-150K, 166A-200K, 166A-250K, 166A-300K, 166A-400K, 166A-500K, 166A-600K, 166A-50B, 166A-75B, 166A-100B, 166A-125B, 166A-150B, 166A-200B, 166A-250B, 166A-300B, 166A-400B, 166A-500B, 166A-600B, 166A-50A, 166A-75

Ohnishi Leveling Block, Level Jacks, Clamp Supports, Leveling Block OS2 Type, Leveling Block OSA Type, Leveling Block OS D Type, Leveling Block OSE Type, Leveling Block OSH Type, Leveling Block OST Type, Leveling Block OS TET Type

Code : OS,OS-20T, OS-30T, OS-60T, OS-180, OSM-1, OSM-2, OS-181, 181-50, 181-80, OS2, OS2-1, OS2-2, OS2-3, OS2-4, OSA, OSA-2, OSA-3, OSA-4, OSD, OSD-1, OSE-1N, OSE-2N, OSE-3N, OSE-4N, OSH, OSH-1, OST-1, OST, OST-2, OST-3, OSTET

Standard Steel Square, Stainless-Steel Squares, Stainless-Steel Square with Flat Base, Square With a Base(Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy), Standard Square, Knife-Edge Standard Square(Type I), Knife-Edge Standard Square(Type II), Knife-Edge Standard Square(Type

Code : OS-148A, OS-148B, OS-148C, OS-148D, OS-148E, OS-148F, OS-150, OS-151, OS-152, OS-153, OS-154, OS-155, OS-156A, OS-156B, OS-156C, OS-156D, OS-156E, OS-156F, OS-157, OS-158, OS-159A, OS-159B, OS-170, OS-172, 148A-50L2, 148A-75L2, 148A-100L2, 148A-125L2

Ohnishi Granite Triangular Ruler, Square Plate, Cylindrical Square

Code : OS-102F, OS-144, OS-145, 144-200, 144-250, 144-300, 144-400, 144-500, 144-600, 102F-306090S, 102F-306090L, 102F-4590S, 102F-4590L, 102F-30120S, 102F-30120L, 145-100, 145-150, 145-200, 145-250, 145-300, 145-350, 145-400, 145-500, 145-600, 145-800, 145-1000

Ohnishi Precision Cast Iron Type-B (V-Block), Hard Steel V-Block, Magnetic V-Block, V-Block (JIS B 7540), X-Block

Code : OS-127, 127-50K, 127-75K, 127-100K, 127-125K, 127-150K, 127-175K, 127-200K, 127-250K, 127-300K, 127-400K, 127-500K, 127-600K, 127-50A, 127-75A, 127-100A, 127-125A, 127-150A, 127-175A, 127-200A, 127-250A, 127-300A, 127-400A, 127-500A, 127-600A, OS-128

Ohnishi Granite Master Angle, Granite Cubic Master (Square, Parallel Master, Box, Parallel, Long-Measure Surface Plate (Long Block)

Code : OS-102E, OS-102Q, OS-123, OS-123B, 102Q-100, 102Q-150, 102Q-200, 102Q-250, 102Q-300, 102Q-400, 102Q-500, 102E-100A, 102E-160A, 102E-200A, 102E-250A, 102E-300A, 102E-400A, 102E-500A, 102E-100AA, 102E-160AA, 102E-200AA, 102E-250AA, 102E-300AA, 102E-400AA

Ohnishi Granite Comparator Stand

Code : 102J-1015, 102J-1520, 102J-2030

Ohnishi Granite V-Block, Magnetic Box V-Block, Box V-Block, Cast Iron V-Block with Clamps, Precision Cast Iron Type-A (V-Block)

Code : OS-126, OS-1225, OS-124, OS-124MG, OS-102D, 102D-50A, 102D-75A, 102D-100A, 102D-150A, 102D-200A, 102D-50AA, 102D-75AA, 102D-100AA, 102D-150AA, 102D-200AA, 124MG-100, 124MG-150, 124-100K, 124-125K, 124-150K, 124-175K, 124-200K, 124-250K, 124-300K, 124-400K

Ohnishi Stationary Surface Plate, wide Type, Stationary Surface Plate, Slender Type

Code : OS-142, OS-143, 142-500, 142-750,142-1000, 142-1500, 142-2000, 142-3000, 143-500, 143-750, 143-1000, 143-1500, 143-2000, 145-3000, 143-5000

Ohnishi Steel Straight Edge

Code : OS-140, 140-150B, 140-200B, 140-250B, 140-300B, 140-450B, 140-500B,140-600B, 140-750B, 140-900B, 140-1000B, 140-1200B, 140-1500B, 140-1800B, 140-2000B, 140-2500B, 140-3000B, 140-3500B, 140-4000B, 140-5000B

Ohnishi Standard Steel Straight Edge with Graduations

Code : OS-138, OS-139, 138-500, 138-750, 138-1000, 139-500, 139-750, 139-1000

Ohnishi Cast Iron Straight Edge

Code : OS-137, 137-500B, 137-750B, 137-1000B, 137-1250B, 137-1500B, 137-2000B, 137-2500B, 137-3000B, 137-500A, 137-750A, 137-1000A, 137-1250A, 137-1500A, 137-2000A, 137-2500A, 137-5000A

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