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Muromoto Side Cutting Pliers

Code : 2050-185, 2050-225

Muromoto Pro Edge Nipper, Slash Nipper, Dama Scus Cutter, Etching Plier, Beak Edge Nipper, Tube Cutter, Electric Multi-Purpose Scissors, Merry Cutter

Code : TH01, TH02, SX5-DS, TH03, TH04, CX5, SX5, MH01, PIP63, PIP42, PIP19, PIP7Z, CST100, CST120

Muromoto Air Tool, Air Nippers, Square Air Cutters, Sliding Air Cutters, Slide & Cut Air Cutters, Stand-Holder, Foot Valve, Timing Unit, Air Heat Cutters, Air Shot-Hammer, Air Shears, Air Plate Shears, Air Multi-Purpose Scissors, Air Fil-Saws, Nini Belter

Code : MR3, MR3A, MR5, MR7, MR10, MR10A, MR12, MR20, MR30A, MR50FK, MR50AK, MP3, MP5, MP7, MP10, MP12, MP15, MP25A, MP25, MP250, MP35A, MP55AK, CP10, CP20, CP20X, CP30, CP30X, MP2000, MP3000, MP5000, MR30AH, MP35AH, MR5, MOS10, MR20, MR30A, MR12, MR3M, MR5M, MR7

Muromoto Side Cutting Pliers, Side cutting Pliers with crimping die, Side cutting Pliers for Electrical work, Diagonal cutting nippers, Flush diagonal nippers, VA cutting nippers, Cutting nippers, End cutting nippers, Electronic nippers, Wire nippers

Code : 1050-150, 1050-175, 1050-200, 1050H-175, 1050H-200. 2050-185. 2050-225, 2070, 6050, XP200, 2050S-185, 2050S-225, 2060, 2060N, 2060U, 2080-185, 2080-210, 2080N-185, 2080N-210, 8050-185, 8050-210, 105-150, 105-175, H05H-150, 105H-175, 150, RG150, 805, ZA185

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