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Migishita Thermometers, Combination pressure/Temperature gauges, Bimetal thermometer, GS model sleeve type, GS model diesel type, GL type

Code : SPG-75, SDG-100, SD-150, STG-75, ST-100, PU-44N, PU-50N, PU-60N, PU-75N, PU-44W, PU-50W, PU-60W, PU-75W, ADG-75W, ADG-100W, AD-150 W, ATG-75W, ATG-100W, AT-150W, PU-44H, PU-50H, PU-60H, PU-75H, ADG-75H, ADG-100H, AD-150H, ATG-75H, ATG-100H, AT-150H, ADG-7

Migishita Accessories for Pressure Gauges, MJ Joint, MP Packing, MV Gauge, Valve MC Cock, MM Pipe Siphon (Both Sides Threaded), MS Pipe Siphon (Connection Fittings on Both Sides), MD Dampene

Code : MJ-231, MJ-321, MJ-341, MJ-431, MJ-271, MJ-281, MJ-371, MJ-381, MJ-391, MJ-481, MJ-491, MJ-233, MJ-323, MJ-343, MJ-433, MJ-273, MJ-283, MJ-373, MJ-383, MJ-393, MJ-483, MJ-493, MP80-201, MP80-301, MP80-202, MP80-302, MP80-203, MP80-303, MP80-403, MP80-204

Migishita Ordinary Pressure Gauges (Star Gauge), Small Size Pressure Gauges, General Pressure Gauges, Weather Proof type Pressure Gauges, Capsule Type Gauges, Glycerin Pressure Gauges (Ofdinary), Glycerin Pressure Gauges(Popuular), Glycerin Pressure

Code : S -21, S-230, S-231, S-31, S-32, S-41, S-42, S -11, S-130, S-131, A, B, FD, DR, G211-111, G211-112, G221-141, G221-142, G232-111, G232-112, G233-111, G233-112, G311-111, G311-112, G311-211, G311-112, G321-111, G321-112, G321-211, G321-212, G332-111

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