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Henix Digital Panel Meter

Code : HA42, HF42, HR42, HJ42, HA44, HF44, HR44, HJ44, HA46, HF46, HR46, HJ46

Henix Display System, Display Unit, HS series

Code : HS120-A, HS150-A, SH230-A, HS120-B, SH150-B, SH230-B, SH120-C, SH150-C, SH230-C, HS120-D, HS150-D, HS230-D, HS120-S, HS150-S, HS230-S, HS120-F, HS150-F, HS230-F, HS120-J, HS150-J, HS230-J, HS232S-6FN-PW24V, HS120-T, HS150-T, HS230-T, RS485, HS153S2-6T-6C1

Henix Signal Converter, Monitoring Isolation Transducer

Code : BS21, BS22, BA21, BA22, BF21, BF22, BR21, BR22, BR31

Henix Digital Panel Meter

Code : MS63, MS65, HA42, HA44, HA46, MA41, MA43, MA45, MA65, HF42, HF44, HF46, MF41, MF43, MF45, HR42, HR44, HR46, MR41, MR43, MR45, MR55, HJ42, HJ44, HJ46, MJ41, MJ43, MJ45, MK33-V6, MK36-V6, MP33-V6, MP36-V6, ME33-V6, ME36-V6, MT33-V6, MT36-V6, MD65, ML33-V6

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