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Kanon Torque Driver


Kanon Electric Torque Screwdriver (5K Series)

Code : 5K-L, 5K-100L, 5K-120L, 5K-180L, 5K-180LF, 5K-P, 5K-100P, 5K-120P, 5K-180P, 5K-180PF,

Kanon Electric Torque Screwdriver (KD Series)

Code : 2KD-100, 2KD-200, 2KD-300, 5KD-200, 5KD-300

Kanon Electric Screwdriver

Code : 9K-130P, 9K-140P, 9K-150P, 9K-130PF, 9K-131 Series, 9K-131L, 9K-131LF, 9K-131P, 9K-131PF,

Kanon Optional Replaceable Heads - Applicable Nut Outside Dia.

Code : 100NCK3032, 100NCK3438, 100NCK4042, 100NCK4548, 100NCK5055, 200NCK5865, 200NCK6570, 200NCK7075, 200NCK8085, 200NCK92100

Kanon Digital Torque Wrench

Code : DLT-N50-UC, DLT-N100-UC, DLT-N200-UC

Kanon Indicator Plate Torque Wrench

Code : CN40FK, CN70FK, CN150FK, N3FK, N6FK, N12FK, N23FK, N45FK, N90FK, N130FK, N180FK, N280FK, N420FK, N560FK, N700FK, N850FK, N1000FK, N1500FK

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