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Ochiai Wave Washer, Wave Washer for Bearing

Code : WW-4, WW-5, WW-6, WW-8, WW-10, WW-12, WW-14, WW-16, WW-18, WW-20, WW-23, WW-26, WW-30, WW-32, WW-38, WW-40, WW-46, WW-50, WW-53, WW-60, BWW-624,BWW- 625, BWW-626, BWW-608, BWW-629, BWW-6001, BWW-6200, BWW-6201, BWW-6202, BWW-6203, BWW-6302, BWW-6303

Ochiai Cap Nut F-Type, Cap Nut D-Type

Code : WS-5, WS-6, WS-8, DS-5, DS-6, DS-8

Ochiai U-Type Plate Nut, U-Type Wide Plate Nut

Code : USN-3001, USN-3006, USN-3012, USN-4001, USN-4003, USN-4004, USN-4005, USN-4006, USN-4007, USN-4024, USN-4026, USN-4031, USN-4037, USN-4048, USN-5001, USN-5003, USN-5004, USN-5008, USN-5016, USN-5017, USN-6001,USN- 6002, USN-4009, USN-4015, USN-4035

Ochiai Pliers (A Tool to install C-Type Retaining Ring)

Code : ST-0, ST-1, ST-2, ST-2N, ST-3, ST-4, ST-5, RT-0, RT-1, RT-2, RT-2N, RT-3, RT-4N, RT-5

Ochiai Snap Pin, Retaining Pin

Code : SSP-4, SSP-5, SSP-6, SSP-8, SSP-10, SSP-12, SSP-14, SSP-16, SSP-5012, SSP-6013, SSP-8012, SSP-10011, SSP-12012

Ochiai Spring Pin (For General Purpose), Spring Pin (For Light Duty)

Code : Ochiai Spring Pin (For General Purpose), Spring Pin (For Light Duty)

Ochiai Joint Clip (General Type)

Code : uick-4, Quick-6, Quick-8-R3, Quick-10-R2.5, Quick-12.7-R3, Quick-16A-R3, Quick-16B-R3, Quick-22.2-R3, Quick-25.4-R3

Ochiai Curved Washer, Dish Spring

Code : MB-4301, 4302, 5011, 5301, 6203, 6301, DB-4, DB-5, DB-6, DB-7, DB-8, DB-9, DB-10, DB-11, DB-12, DB-14, DB-16, DB-18, DB-20, DB-22, DB-25, DB-28, DB-30, DB-35, DB-40, DB-45, DB-50

Ochiai Flat Push Hut

Code : FSPN-2, FSPN-3, FSPN-4, FSPN-5

Ochiai F-Type Plate Nut

Code : FSN-3001, FSN-4001, FSN-5001, FSN-6001

Ochiai ET Holder, Dispenser (ET Stand)

Code : ETW-0.6, ETW-0.7, ETW-0.8, ETW-1. ETW-2, ETW-1.2, ETW-1.5, ETW-1.9, ETW-2, ETW-2.3, ETW-2.5, ETW-3, ETW-3.2, ETW-4, ETW-5, ETW-6, ETW-7, ETW-8, ETW-9, ETW-10, ETW-12

Ochiai Self-locking External Nut, Self-locking Internal Nut

Code : SPN-1.2, SPN-1.5, SPN-2, SPN-2.4, SPN-2.6, SPN-3, SPN-4, SPN-5, SPN-6, SPN-8, SPN-10, SPN-12, RPN-6, RPN-8, RPN-10

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