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Sato Non-Contact Countdown Timer

Code : TM-27 (1707-20), TM-29 (1707-30)

Sato Moisture Checker

Code : SK-960A Type 1 (1735-10), Type 2 (1735-20), Type 3 (1735-30), Type 4 (1735-40), Type 5 (1735-50)

Sato Datalogger

Code : SK-L754 (No.8870-00), SK-L751 (No.8800-00), No.8829-50, SK-L751-1 (No.8810-01), SK-L751-2 (No.8810-02), SK-L751-21 (No.8810-21), SK-L751-22 (No. 8810-22), SK-L751-23 (No.8810-23), SK-L751-24 (No.8810-24), SK-L751-25 (No.8810-25), SK-L751-31 (No.8810-31),

Sato Waterproof Digital Thermometer Model SK-270WP (with S270WP-01 probe) (Cat.No.8078-00)

Code : S270WP-01 (No.8079-01) S270WP-02 No.8079-02 S270WP-03 No.8079-03 S270WP-04 No.8079-04 S270WP-05 No.8079-05 S270WP-06 No.8079-06 S270WP-21 No.8079-21 S270WP-31 No.8079-31 S270WP-41 No.8079-41

Sato Digital Thermometer for Refrigerator

Code : PC-3300 (Cat.No.1740-00)

Sato Wooden Base Thermometer

Code : No.1510-00, No.1510-40, No.1530-10, No.1530-29, No.1530-30

Sato Pen Type Digital pH Meters

Code : No. 6420-00 (Model: SK-660PH). No. 6429-00 (Model: SK-661PH), No. 6430-00 (Model: SK-662PH)

Sato Stop Watch

Code : TM-100S (Cat.No.1900-00)

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