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Metrology Digital Caliper (Velocity Series)

Code : EC-9001V, EC-9002V, EC-9003V

Metrology Checkmaster Gauge

Code : CMG-9030, CMG-9060

Metrology Digital Caliper (Center Distance)

Code : EC-9001CD, EC-9002CD, EC-9003CD, EC-9004CD, EC-9005CD, EC-CD10, EC-CD15, EC-CD20

Metrology Digital Caliper (Waterproof Type)

Code : EC-9001WA, EC-9002WA, EC-9003WA

Metrology Digital Caliper (Mode Function Type)

Code : EC-9001M, EC-9002M, EC-9003M

Metrology Digital Caliper (Normal Type)

Code : EC-9001N, EC-9002N, EC-9003N

Metrology Digital Caliper (Small Type)

Code : EC9075SA, EC9100SA

Metrology Hardened Steel Block Gauge Set

Code : GB-9122-0, GB-9122-1, GB-9112-0, GB-9112-1, GB-9103-0, GB-9103-1, GB-9087-00, GB-9087-1, GB-9047-0, GB-9047-1, GB-9038-0, GB-9038-1, GB-9020-0, GB-9020-1, GB-9010-0, GB-9010-1, GB-9009-0, GB-9009-1

Surface Plate Repeat Checking Calibrator

Code : PLA-9001, PLA-9002, PLA-9003, PLS-9004, DG-9001H, DG-COMP, ED-9005H, ED9013HD

Metrology Check Master Gauge

Code : CHE-9001, CHE-9003, CHE-9001H, CHE-9002H, CHE-9003H, CH3-9004H

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