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Engineer Screw Saurus VP-4

Code : PZ-67, PZ67

Engineer Astro Nipper

Code : NK-47, NK47, NK-48, NK48

Engineer Refill for Jikeki Pen

Code : TZ-15, TZ15, TZ-16, TZ16

Engineer Ursmask III Mauve Pink Cap

Code : PZM-77P, PZM77P, PZM-58, PZM58, PZM-30, PZM30, PZM-77, PZM77

Engineer Penetration Extension

Code : DR-28, DR28, DR-23,DR23, DR-24, DR24, DR-22, DR22

Engineer Universal Joint

Code : DR-26, DR26, DR-25, DR25

Engineer Screw Saurus Mole Middle Bit for Removing Crushed Screw

Code : DBZ-410, DBZ410, DBZ-415, DBZ415, DBZ-420, DBZ420, DBZ-425, DBZ425, DBZ-430, DBZ430, DBZ-440, DBZ440, DBZ-450, DBZ450

Engineer Screw Saurus Toggle Ultra Short Bit for Removing Crushed Screws

Code : DBZ-310, DBZ310, DBZ-315, DBZ315, DBZ-320, DBZ320, DBZ-325, DBZ325, DBZ-330, DBZ330, DBZ-340, DBZ340, DBZ-350, DBZ350

Engineer Combining Tools

Code : DXZ-09, DXZ09, DZ-70, DBZ-20, DBZ-22, DR-19, DR-23, DR-25, PZ-67, KSE-35

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