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Ono Sokki

Ono Sokki Rotary Encoder

Code : RP-1710, RP-1730

Ono Sokki Diesel Engine Tachometer

Code : GE-1400, CP-044

Ono Sokki Advanced Handheld Tachometer

Code : FT-7200, FT-0801, FT-0501, NP-3000, MI-1432, MI-3111, IP-202, IP-296, IP-3000A, IP-3100, OM-1500, OM-1200, NP-2000, NP-3000, MI Series, VP-202, VP-1220, HT-0522/ HT-0521B, LA-0203D, PB-7090, AX-501

Ono Sokki Digital Tachometer

Code : TM-3110, TM-3120, TM-3130, TM-3140

Ono Sokki Optical Detector

Code : LG-9200, MX-005, MX-010, MX-015, MX-020, MX-101, MX-105, MX-110, MX-115, MX-120, MX-603, MX-505, MX-510, MX-520, MX-7105, MX-7110, MX-7115, MX-7120, MX-8105, MX-8110, MX-8115, MX-8120, RP-004, RP-006, RP-008

Ono Sokki Digital Gauge Counter

Code : DG-4120, DG-4140, DG-4240, DG-4280, DG-4320, DG-4340, AA-8800, AX-2050N, GS-1713, GS-1813, RP-1700, GS-7710, AA-8107

Ono Sokki Electromagnetic Detector

Code : MP-9100, MP-911, MP-9120, MP-930, MP-935, MP-936, MP-940A, MP-954, MP-950, MP-962, MP-992, MP-9200, MP-963, MP-950, MP-981

Ono Sokki Digital Gauge Counter

Code : DG-4140, DG-4120, DG-4240, DG-4280

Ono Sokki Linear Gauge Sensors (High Resolution Type)

Code : GS-3813, GS-3830, GS-3813A, GS-3830B

Ono Sokki Linear Gauge Sensors (Long Stroke Type)

Code : GS-5050, GS-5100, GS-5051, GS-5101

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