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Riken Surface Plate with Center

Code : RSJ-1, RSJ-2, RSJ-3

Riken Box Type Surface Plate

Code : RB-1A, RB-2A, RB-3A, RB-4A, RB-5A, RB-6A, RB-7A, RB-8A, RB-9A, RB-10A, RB-11A, RB-12A, RB-1B, RB-2B, RB-3B, RB-4B, RB-5B, RB-6B, RB-7B, RB-8B, RB-9B, RB-10B, RB-11B, RB-12B, RA-10, RA-20, RA-30, RA-40, RA-50, RA-60, RA-70, RA-80, RA-90, RA-11, RA-21, RA-3

Riken Steel Straight Edge

Code : RSHF-200, RSHF-300, RSHF-500, RSHF-600, RSHF-750, RSHF-1000, RSHF-1500, RSHF-2000, RSHF-200Y, RSHF-300Y, RSHF-500Y, RSHF-600Y, RSHF-750Y, RSHF-1000Y, RSHF-1500Y, RSHF-2000Y

Riken Dial Comparator, Dial Gage Stand, Square Comparator

Code : PH3B, PH2, RCT, RCN, MM-2, GM-2, 86R

Riken Magnet V Blocks

Code : RMV-75, RMV-100, RMV-150

Riken Cast Iron V Blocks A-Type, B-type

Code : RCV-A50, RCV-A75, RCV-A100, RCV-A150, RCV-B50, RCV-B75, RCV-B100, RCV-B150

Riken Steel V Blocks With Clamp

Code : RSVC-30, RSVC-40, RSVC-50, RSVC-60

Riken Steel V Blocks

Code : RSV-38, RSV-50, RSV-75, RSV-100, RSV-150

Riken Precision Cylindrical Squares

Code : RCS-100, RCS-150, RCS-200, RCS-300, RCS-400, RCS-500

Riken Flat Heavy Square

Code : RAS-75, RAS-100, RAS-150, RAS-200, RAS-300

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